Something isn’t right at Madisonville, Idaho’s most secluded penitentiary for its hardened criminals, and prisoners keep disappearing.

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J. A. Huff
Inkwater Press
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Violent, gory, and dark…Madisonville is a one hell of a ride. It’s a popcorn movie in novel form. From the get-go, the tension is taut and never lets up.

Seattle Book Review

Madisonville is a stunning novel. Huff has masterfully woven a book that will never be forgotten; one that will forever haunt readers’ minds even long after they finish it.

Urban Lit Magazine

A thrilling novel with a great premise. Huff is a spirited and engaging writer - he knows every corner of his story, which keeps you turning the pages.

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About the Book

Something isn’t right at Madisonville, Idaho’s most secluded penitentiary for its hardened criminals, and prisoners keep disappearing.

Six college students are sentenced to Madisonville after almost getting away with the perfect crime. After a few short weeks behind bars, the six men awake in a meadow with no recollection of how they got there. These convicts are left with only meager supplies and a note: “You are being hunted.” So begins this epic battle in the mountains of Idaho and the ultimate game of survival.


One Step Away from the Perfect Crime

The screeching of the tires on the ’59 Pontiac Catalina as it slid around the corner at twice the posted speed limit, coupled with the glowing change of blue and red light inside the car was a sign that things did not go as planned.

“Dammit, Steven.” Jack yelled, as he tried to pilot the Pontiac while pushing its limits. “Why did you have to go and shoot Officer Mooreson? I knew him. He was only stopping to give me a hard time like he always does!”

For the quiet town of Trensington, Idaho, the crime of the century had gone off without a hitch; that is, until the police officers in the SUV decided to pull up next to Jack, Rob, Donald, Steven, and James (A.K.A “Tiny”) and started to give Jack a hard time about still driving the old boat-of-a-car. They robbed all three of the major banks located in downtown Trensington, without tripping a single alarm. Little did the Criminal Intentions teacher, Amy Scott, realize that her end of the semester group assignment would produce a bank robbery, police shooting, car chase, and land five of her students in jail.

The assignment had been simple: As a group, come up with a legitimate crime, outline its plan, and then debunk the outline based on the data learned throughout the semester in Criminal Intentions 101. This was the final project for the semester and worth 40% of the grade for the entire course. Amy had randomly separated the class into groups. There was no foretelling that this assigned group would make national news, and cause the most heated police chase in Trensington history.

About the Author

J.A. HUFF lives in Lewiston, Idaho, with his beautiful wife. He enjoys all of the outdoor opportunities Idaho has to offer: hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, and whitewater rafting. If he isn’t out on an adventure or writing a book, you’ll find him in his garage where he thoroughly enjoys working on classic American cars and building rat rods.

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