My Sister, My Daughter, and Me

My Sister, My Daughter, and Me

Tres Señoritas Locas

The story of three crazy, fun-loving Hispanic women (Tres Señoritas Locas) who had big dreams of making a better life for themselves, and each other.

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My Sister, My Daughter, and Me: Tres Señoritas Locas
Shirley Rose Webb
Inkwater Press
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About the Book

Three crazy, fun-loving Hispanic women (Tres Señoritas Locas) who had big dreams of making a better life for themselves. The first, with her irrepressible sense of humor, struggled mightily with some very wise and very foolish choices along the way. The second, with her beauty and charm, showed great promise, but kept falling over and over for the wrong men. The third, loving and kind, painstakingly reinvented herself after a cheating husband threw her out. And one of the three, through freakish circumstances, met with a heartrending death.


Chapter 8

Meeting Michael Jackson – 1980s

I was unemployed and looking for a new job. One of Torreey’s accounting clients had an employment agency in West Los Angeles. The agency sent me to an interview at an advertising agency, John’s & John’s, located on Sunset Blvd., near Vine in Hollywood on the 9th and 11th floors. The agency needed a mail clerk. I interviewed and got hired. I was super excited! My job was to deliver the mail all day long to the two floors of the agency.

Since I was a mail clerk, I didn’t have to dress up like most of the other women did. It was perfect for me since I didn’t own a lot of designer dresses. Instead, I wore my tight jeans most of the time. And of course the men began to notice and complimented me quite often. “Nice jeans, Shirley!” Or, “Looking good!” Or, “Um, Um!” Even some of the women who liked me would say something nice as well.

I not only enjoyed my new job, but relished all the attention I was getting, as well. I was the twenty-three-year-old new kid in town with the tightest jeans and the sexiest walk. But I still had to watch out for the female women haters. And believe me there were plenty of them. As long as I was a good worker I knew they couldn’t complain and get rid of me. I was always very polite even to those who didn’t like me for any reason at all.

Joe Jackson Productions was on the sixth floor (Michael Jackson’s father). Fourteenth floor: Motown. Fifteenth: KISS/FM radio – with Rick Dees. Sixteenth: Joseph Isgro Productions. A lot of cool action was going on in this building.

One day, I met Michael Jackson in the lobby cafeteria. My best friend, Lorraine, the main receptionist, and I took the mandatory ten-minute break twice a day. We went to the cafeteria in the lobby to play Pacman every morning and afternoon. We were addicted to the video game. I moved my butt a lot while playing because I had to push my body toward the machine while trying to score points. And I screamed and laughed whenever I won or lost.

Lorraine always had a great time watching me, especially when I cursed, “Shit, fuck, hueputa!” Whatever came out of my mouth, Lorraine thought it sounded funny because of my accent.

We hung out together a lot and for a long time until she became very ill with leukemia. When I visited Lorraine at the hospital while she was on chemo, it brought back childhood memories of the Costa Rica hospital and my little friend Nadia. I closed my eyes and held Lorraine’s hand while she slept, and I could see Nadia dying in front of me. My heart ached and was broken into little pieces as my sweet dear friend Lorraine wasted away.

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me again. Only this time I was an adult watching my best friend die.

But long before that, one day Michael Jackson came in with his bodyguards while Lorraine and I were playing Pacman and making a lot of noise laughing and screaming. Next thing I knew, Michael was standing behind me looking over my shoulder. He whispered, “You’re very good!” Then ended up laughing with us. I’ll always remember his sweet soft voice behind me. Michael Jackson, his sister Latoya and their mother Katherine came in the building many times. Sometimes we saw them in the elevator or walking to their limo or the Rolls Royce that his mother drove. Latoya and Mrs. Jackson were also very sweet.

One year later, the receptionist, Linda, in the media department on the 9th floor got promoted. Linda and I had become pretty good friends. She was from Nicaragua.

“Shirley, would you be interested in working full-time in the position I’m vacating? I can train you next week,” she offered.

I couldn’t believe it. “Yes! Yes!” I immediately responded.

The media department was a fun place to work, especially for a young woman like me. Good-looking men came to our department to meet with the media buyers to sell them radio or television commercial spots. I was always very polite, pleasant, and dressed sexy but classy. I knew the men loved it! Every time I got up from my desk to go deliver a message to one of the account managers, I could feel their eyes staring at me from behind. I flirted playfully and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. I did it simply for amusement, with no intention of developing any further relationship. I was both loyal, and honest with Torreey, besides I’ve never liked dating more than one man at a time. It was just a game that some of the women and I enjoyed playing.

About the Author

Shirley Rose Webb was born in San Jose, Costa Rica; she came to the United States at the age of eight and spoke only Spanish. Shirley began writing her memoir in 2010 on the advice of her therapist following a tragic death in the family. Through writing she learned to let go of her anger and pain and slowly returned to the things she loves doing even though her heart was broken into a million pieces.

In 1979, Shirley attended a Technical College in Los Angeles, where she was certified as a Medical Assistant. In 1980, she was certified as an Aerobics instructor and now, thirty-seven years later, is still teaching classes twice per week. In 1985 she was a finalist for the L.A. Raiders cheerleader tryouts; and in 1986 and 1992 she was featured in a Playboy Magazine pictorial, a special Sisters Edition.

Currently Shirley works with her husband, Torreey who is a CPA. At least once a month, happy hour with her beloved lifelong friends and lots of laughter is a must in her life. She lives in Redondo Beach, California.

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