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About Come Flutter Your Wings

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The author presents this book of twenty-three personal poems, and her life story, to encourage your heart, to enlighten your mind, and to realize that the LORD Jesus has a plan and purpose for your life also. As she has found Godís purpose for her life, she encourages you to look at your journey through life, and turn to a way of life with purpose and meaning. This book will draw you in to see how, through Godís Almighty power, He is able to change your heart and mind; that you also can live above just mere existence here on earth. The book is an allegory, employing the metamorphosis of a butterfly transformed from a caterpillar as a metaphor to depict the way to spiritual freedom, a change of heart, and a new life in Jesus Christ.


Brought to Life by Godís Grace
Come Flutter Your Wings:

Fashion to hover, and soar above the flower,
With brightly colored, and fluttering wings,
So gracefully sipping sweet nectar,
Fulfilling Godís purpose for being,
Clothed with beauty, that catches the eye,
Caterpillar transformed, so gracefully,
From a dark co-coon, used, worn and dry,
New life sprang forth,
Revealing a beautiful butterfly,
This dark co-coon in life was filled, with
Troubles, trials, and strife,
Rendering my soul so used, dry and worn,
I heard the voice of Jesus plead, come
Flutter your wings,
Rise up from death to life,
Leave behind all old things, and declare
A new creature, has just been born,
Regenerated, and transformed into a new life,
Like the butterfly, shedding its dark co-coon,
Shed all darkness, folly and strife,
I heard the call, of
The Holy Spirit say, come
Flutter your wings,
Praise God and sing, rejoice, you have
Become a child of the King.

2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)
17†Therefore if any man†be†in Christ,†he is†a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Godís Creation Purpose

LORD it is, known to you only,
How to create yourself a frame,
How awesome
Were your wondrous works, when
You brought
To life a living soul, to praise your
Holy name,
Moreover, you know your whole
Inside and out, you know
The thoughts in mind, the motives
In action, and each and every move
One makes, going here and about.
In your loving care and watchful protection,
You know when my heart strays,
With your strength, wisdom, and guidance,
You gently lead me by your love,
To your Almighty throne, where
I give glory, honor and praise, for
You know when my spirit is up, and
When my soul is turned
Upside down,
You knew even before I was yet to be born,
When there was no substance found,
O Lord, Search my heart, and convict my soul,
Of all ungodly acts,
Cradle me with your loving hands, and
Gently bring me back,
To your throne, where Iíll confess
All my sins, and
There in Jesus Iíll stand, for
Youíve created me, for this very purpose,
To give glory, honor, and praise,
For all your wondrous works, and matchless;
Creation plan.

Psalms 139:1-2 (KJV)

1†O LORD, thou hast searched me, and known†me. 2†Thou know my down sitting and mine uprising, thou understands my thought afar off.

From Godís Almighty Hand

From Godís almighty hands, comes all
My test and trials, theyíre for my good, and
When I trust in him, He is glorified,
By Godís almighty hand, Iím protected from all harm,
He is my rod, my staff, my buckler, and my shield,
When the dark clouds form, and the thunderstorms rolls
He holds me strong, yet gentle, peaceful, and still,
By Godís almighty hand, He draws me oí so near,
Like the little bird, perched on a limb,
He covers me, from all that harms, and
Thereís nothing on earth to fear,
From Godís almighty hands, come all my daily needs,
He supplies my every little thing, and
For my soulís deliverance, Iíll give Him praise,
A brand new song Iíll sing,
By Godís almighty hand, He eagerly lifts me up,
When my soul is troubled, He fills my empty cup,
In the midst of the storm, when waters rise,
High above my head,
He stands in the gap, with His dying pledge,
Pleading the cause, in my stead,
By Godís almighty hand, He cradles me with His
Love, mercy, and grace,
He makes me strong, and my heart is filled,
With thanksgiving, peace, and praise,
He sends the trials to make me strong,
Iím to trust in Him,
All of my life long

1 Peter 1:7 (KJV)
†7†That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perishes, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:

About Audrey Thompson

After years of struggles and woes during her journey through life, the author has come to be at peace with the LORD Jesus Christ, her Savior, Lord, and Creator. She has found ultimate joy and unconditional love in Him, after looking for love and peace in all of the wrong places. Now she has spiritual freedom of her soul, due to a change of her heart and mind after reading the Holy Bible. The inspired Word of God revealed to her who God really is, and as she grew by the grace of Jesus, she has found that it is foolish and fruitless to fight against, or try to run and hide from, the Almighty God.

While in unbearable pain from a serious back surgery, she experienced the providential call of God to exchange her pain for time spent with Him. During this time she began to meditate upon His Word, and as she heard God speak to her heart, she was given the gift of twenty poems within six weeks. Greatly encouraged by the poems, she became excited and encouraged to write this book.

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