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About EarthUnder

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A well-traveled young adventurer and a successful, determined meteorite hunter, Bryce has been obsessed since childhood with the magical allure of space rocks. This mission provides him with all the facets of life that he is most drawn to: global travel, meeting new people, adventure, discovery, and the hunt. In a dust-covered desert village on the edge of the earth, Bryce finds himself injured, alone, and pursued, the threat of death a constant travel companion. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that his quest for meteorites would take him where he will soon find himself.

Jasmina is the stunningly beautiful, courageous, self-reliant, strong-willed tribal princess from the other side of the world-and from Bryce's past. The powerful and mysterious leader of her village on the edge of the Great Sand Sea, she displays a depth of wisdom and experience far beyond normal, the clever glint in her gorgeous emerald eyes hinting at an otherworldly past.

What starts as a typical globe-trekking adventure to recover these stony treasures from space leads Bryce on a hazardous journey to a strange new world beyond his wildest imagination. Mankind is in for the shock of twenty millennia as Bryce and Jasmina reveal the truth about our home world, Earth.

Will Bryce and Jasmina survive their pursuers? Will mankind survive-and will the Earth survive mankind? Can the pending doom be avoided? Will our worlds come together to defend the Earth against the treachery and relentless attack by an amoral, powerful, and malicious enemy? Edwin Thompson's novel EarthUnder is the first in a series about a fantastic journey through space and time filled with mind-blowing twists and turns, an exciting adventure of discovery that will turn the world of science fiction upside down.

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About the Author

For over 40 years, Edwin Thompson has been a meteorite pioneer, continuously traveling the globe researching and discovering new specimens, educating experts and youth, and presenting to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide on meteorite hunting and cataclysmic impact. He has mentored countless now-renowned meteorite hunters, and, philanthropically, he has taught thousands of desert dwellers around the world how to locally discover and sell space rocks to help raise them from poverty.

Thompson's efforts have produced hundreds of world class research and display specimens. His pieces can be found in museums, universities, and research institutes worldwide, including the U.S. National Museum/Smithsonian, the American Museum of Natural History, The Field Museum in Chicago, the Natural History Museum in London, NASA/Johnson Space Center, the Paris Museum of Natural History, the Max Planck Institute, and the National Museum of Natural History in Brazil.

Creatively, Thompson has studied writing, the early American novel, and English literature, and he is currently enrolled in a Harvard University writing program. For over 20 years, he has penned short stories and adventure articles for national magazines.

EarthUnder, Book 1 of The Meteorite Chronicles, is his first novel.

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