Healing the Karmic Wounds

Healing the Karmic Wounds

Pluto and Chiron

by Alice Loffredo

Healing the Karmic Wounds: Pluto and Chiron is a handbook that guides the reader to learn about the nature of their wounding, recognize when the time is ripe for healing, and use the many tools and strategies it provides to get the job done. It offers a clear roadmap for deep healing and personal transformation through the interpretation of key astrological symbols and placements.

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Alice [Loffredo] has clearly lived an examined life. And she has expanded and enhanced her natural wisdom by examining life through the electron-microscope of astrology. [She has] helped renew astrology, feeding its endless need to update itself…

Noted author and astrologer Steven Forrest, from his forward to Loffredo’s previous book, Your Astrological Compass, also available from Inkwater Press

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Healing the Karmic Wounds
Pluto and Chiron
Alice Loffredo


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About the Book

Evolutionary or karmic astrology considers the influence of past life experience on present and future lifetimes. By putting personal experience in the context of a larger cosmic order, evolutionary astrology can deliver hope, understanding, and healing, qualities we all need, especially during unsettling times such as these.

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Chapter 1 The Walking Wounded

“Once whittled to the bone, we are faced with a never- ending choice: to become the wound or to heal.” Mark Nepo
The Book of Awakening

Born here on Planet Earth, we are all members of the Walking Wounded Club. A core principle of evolutionary astrology is that we are here to right what went wrong – or never got done – in the karmic past. That includes dealing with and healing wounds that we received during that past life experience. We carry them forward in our “karmic DNA,” along with the history of the soul’s experience during its travels through the many lifetimes of its spiritual journey. These wounds can lock us into repetitive, hard-to-break patterns of poor decisions and behavior that erode our ability to experience and deliver on this lifetime’s potentials and goals. But if we confront them consciously and work to heal them, at the end of this lifetime’s day we are ready for whatever comes next, not lamenting unfinished business.

The challenge is huge because, like all of the karmic history, the wounds are buried deep in unconscious emotional memory, not accessible using conventional left-brained logical approaches. Not only are the wounds deep, but they are bound to hurt when we encounter them, so it’s simply human nature to try to develop strong, bullet-proof defenses against letting the “monster” out of the closet. We don’t do this intentionally or willfully. It’s like temporary amnesia after a trauma: we do it to protect ourselves until we are ready – mature enough, strong enough, brave enough, experienced enough – to open the closet door. But there’s this: if we don’t face the challenge, consciously take on the intention and responsibility to heal, the wound only gets stronger and deeper, and situations that remind us of its existence get louder and more disruptive…even traumatic.

It takes great quantities of effort and energy to keep it all under lock and key, energy that would be better used to address the wounding. But experiences that “rub at the scab” and draw attention to what hurts can be scary, evoking emotional responses that leave you feeling hopeless, exhausted, sad, and in pain. And sometimes life circumstances even conspire to help you avoid the issue, like when the approval and applause you get for the commitment you have to healing the environment allows you to escape looking at the healing you need to do for yourself. To quote Steven Forrest, “If you don’t open the door, you pay the storage fee until you do.” Something inside of each one of us intuitively knows that (1) we can’t escape what’s causing our pain, and (2) if we don’t face it, we’ll just be stuck in the same self-limiting, self-depleting, and self-defeating patterns forever, not only in this lifetime, but into future ones, with the patterns and pain only more intense for having become more ingrained.

So, how do you know when what you’re dealing with is karmically important? It’s a safe bet that when emotional suffering is way out of proportion to the situation at hand, you’ve probably happened upon a detonator in the karmic wound minefield. Perhaps a long-buried childhood memory of abuse or neglect stirs when you see a toddler being screamed at in the supermarket. Childhood experiences often mirror the unfinished business and carryover wounding of the karmic past. The scene is sad and upsetting, but really not your business, yet you find yourself struggling NOT to intervene and grab the mother and scream at her. Instead, you abandon your groceries and run out the door, crying.

Sometimes encounters with unprocessed karmic wounding can result in physical consequences. You’re rummaging for something in a long-ignored junk drawer and come upon an old photograph that brings back the memory of a romantic betrayal that occurred two relationships ago. Even though you spent eighteen months in therapy over the issue at the time, it invokes wrenching sobs, heaving shoulders, and a subsequent two-week stint with a nasty flu, despite the fact that you’ve had the flu shot and taken your vitamins.


My favorite books to review are the ones that have something new to contribute to the literature at the same time that they show a mastery or appreciation of the material that has preceded them. In other words, the most commendable book builds on what we know actually works in astrology, takes concepts from the acknowledged masters, and gives them an updated and insightful, original twist. And, of course, it’s helpful is the material is well organized and clearly written. Happily, this is precisely what astrologer Alice Loffredo brings us in her most recent text, Healing the Karmic Wounds, Pluto and Chiron. We rarely think of Chiron and Pluto as similar archetypes, but that’s the inevitable conclusion readers will draw after assimilating this fascinating material. There two are the keys to healing the deep psychological pain that ordinary psychological therapy can’t reach and demonstrate the transformative power available through astrology. Chris Lorenz
November/December 2018 Issue
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About the Author

Author Alice Loffredo

Evolutionary astrology has been the focus of Alice Loffredo’s studies and professional practice for more than 25 years. In sharing its wisdom with clients and audiences – in print, on air in radio interviews, at author talks, in web posts, and with countless client consultations – she has witnessed, first-hand, its healing and transformative powers. Visit her website at AstrologyKarmaAndYou.com to learn more. Alice is often available for in-store readings and presentations, promotional events, and book-signings.

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