True to Life Stories

by John Weeks

A comical mix of love, nihilism, and humor, True to Life Stories is a unique array of thoughts to ponder late at night or to laugh maniacally to during a coffee break.

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True to Life Stories
John Weeks


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About the Book

Share a moment with friends in our new book. Each page tells a story, revealing a unique perspective on life, death, romantic car crashes, and picnic bloodbaths. Daydreams, nightmares, and dark humor intertwine with reality, as internal organs are delivered through the mail. View the world through a different lens.


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About the Author

Author John Weeks

John Weeks has been an illustrator for somewhere between forever and not long enough, starting with his first character George at the age of 8 (John not George) continuing through regular contributions to his high school newspaper to current doodles after adult centered activities such as work and taxes. True to Life Stories is John’s first published work (excluding the aforementioned newspapers).

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