10:30 Sunset (Kindle)

Author: Brad Moir


ISBN: 9781629013251

Format: Kindle

Categories: e-books Fiction Northwest Authors

A story about a handful of men who all face adversity. They all face trouble in their hometowns, where they can’t find stability. Because of the adversity in their lives, they all gravitate to a small town in North Dakota, which just happens to improve the quality of all of their lives.

“Oh, 5:59. I first, I first, da clock tickin’ away; me and my timer ready to go.” Gary gets himself first in line to clock out from the day at work. “What you doin’, hommies? Six o’clock. I’m out.” Click.

“Yo, I don’t know,” Click. Lorance responds and clocks out second.

“Yo, yo, yo, Will, you goin’ to pump iron dan get wasted? Can I roll wid you?” Gary asks Will as Will clocks out and grabs his work bag, and as Will sort of nods his head “yes,” he looks over at Lorance and they both look over to see Mike sitting in the corner trying to pretend to play a video game on his phone to hide out.

“Y’all, I thought we were goin’ ta Whispers or Heartbreakers wid Mike?” Sam comments as he clocks out.

“YOU DAMN RIGHT WE ARE!” Will shouts out as Lorance goes over to push Mike’s shoulders.

“We ain’t forget ’bout you, hommy! You tried to hide out. You gotta get some action tonight!” The relatively quiet breakroom erupted with guys getting fired up all around, looking forward to watching naked women that night and supporting Mike.


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