A Lincoln Treasure Trove

Author: Fred Antil


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A few of the lesser-known facts found in A Lincoln Treasure Trove:

Lincoln is the only active president who personally directed a wartime military campaign.
Lincoln is an Ivy Leaguer, though he had less than one full year of formal education.
One speech may have resulted in his assassination.
Lincoln once published a newspaper, in a language he could neither read nor speak.

“According to Cicero, ‘In history nothing is sweeter than pure and clear brevity.’ A Lincoln Treasure Trove uses clarity and brevity to present an amazing accumulation of facts and stories, much of which we never knew.”

“The biggest problem with reading A Lincoln Treasure Trove is you keep looking up and saying, ‘I didn’t know that’!”

“Every ‘Lincoln’ or ‘History Buff’ needs to read A Lincoln Treasure Trove to truly know him.”

2 reviews for A Lincoln Treasure Trove

  1. THOMAS FEENEY (verified owner)

    Fred portrays Lincoln in local schools and he runs the History club in our retirement community. His book is a result of many years studying Lincoln. Great book for family members, especially children and grand children.

  2. Tom Feeney (verified owner)

    Excellent book

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