A Painter’s Life (ePub)

Author: K.B. Dixon


ISBN: 9781629011110

Format: ePub

Categories: e-books Fiction Northwest Authors

K.B. Dixon’s work has been described as original, clever, pithy, lyrical, insightful, gonzo, and laugh-out-loud funny. His new novel, A Painter’s Life, is a characteristically mischievous oddity. A mix of biographical scraps, journal entries, review excerpts, and interviews, it is an intimate and introspective tour of the art world–a portrait of the sometimes portraitist Christopher Freeze. Focusing in part on Freeze’s friends, family, and fellow artists–as well as his relationship with his frazzled dealer and his would-be monographer–it is an inventive, seriocomic look at one peculiar man’s ceaseless struggle to make something beautiful.

“I get all my best ideas in the shower, which is one of the reasons I take so many every day (four or five at least). It means heavy hot-water bills and dry, itchy skin, but you do what you have to for a picture. It always comes first.”
— excerpt from A Painter’s Life

About the Author

K.B. DIXON’S work has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and journals. The recipient of an OAC Individual Artist Fellowship Award, he is the author of two novels, Andrew (A to Z) and The Sum of His Syndromes; and the short story collection, My Desk and I.


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