A Wandering Man (Kindle)


Jacob Scot is a man with no place special to go and nothing special to do. As a foot loose young man in 1887 Baker City, he receives a hard life lesson. He is taken in by a rancher who sees a boy he can train and use. He learns from an old gunfighter how to shoot. Jacob becomes good with a gun.

As he wanders through the colorful history of late 19th century Oregon’s gold and lumber boom towns, he grows from callow boy to seasoned man. He is not looking for trouble but it often seems to find him.

Through Baker City, over the Sumpter pass to Austin, to Prairie City, up the John Day river valley to Clarno, and down to Golden in Josephine County, he meets men and women of the times, and some who would kill him if they could. His skill and integrity are tested. As he wanders, the stakes are always high and getting higher.

Those who get to know him, think he is more than just a man. Is he where he is needed? He does not see it.

December 1898. In the fledgling resort city of Seaside, Oregon he will meet a long-lost love, a wise grandmother and a man who will take more than a bullet to kill. The fate of people he loves will be in the balance. He will need to know who he is. Jacob will need all the help he can get.


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