Africa Trek I: From the Cape of Good Hope to Mount Kilimanjaro


ISBN: 9781592993574

Format: Paperback

Pages: 496

Trim: 6x9


Categories: Africa Trek Non-Fiction

Relentless sun, wild animal attacks, crossing countries in crisis…

Three years, eleven countries, 1,200 families, 14,000 kilometers of adventures while walking in the footsteps of mankind through the Cradle of Life.

Alexandre and Sonia Poussin undertake to walk the length of Africa entirely on foot, from the Cape of Good Hope to the Sea of Galilee. In a three-year trek along the Great Rift Valley of East Africa, their goal is to symbolically retrace the passage of early Man, from Australopithecus to Modern Man. Without sponsors, without support team, sharing the poverty of their hosts, they speak to us on each page of the generosity and enthusiasm of these men and women who populate the African continent. Day after day, Alexandre and Sonia become a bit more African themselves. In this volume, which recounts the first seven thousand kilometers up to Mount Kilimanjaro, we are privileged to share an intimate look into the heart of Africa and her people.

Originally published in 2004 in France, this fascinating tale captured the attention of the European nations: International Herald Tribune Best Seller (France, over 280,000 sold to date); Express Tite-Live Best Seller for 17 weeks; Best Book Award, Cosne sur Loire Bookfair, 2005; and Best Book Award at the Adventure Festival of Les Angles, 2005.

Along with pen and paper, Alexandre and Sonia carried camera and video equipment. The footage was edited into a film that won multiple awards including Golden Fleece of the International Adventure Film Festival of Dijon 2004. It was also edited into a twelve-episode television special that ran on the Travel Channel over 40 times (over 300,000 viewers).

In 2008 the books and episodes were translated into English and made their debut in the United States. More about Alexandre, Sonia, and their exciting story can be found at

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