An Arab Season: Legacy Writings of a Muslim and Christian Relationship (Kindle)


ISBN: 9781592995257

Format: Kindle

Categories: Biography - Autobiography - History e-books

One fateful winter evening the paths of Jassem, an astute young Kuwaiti Air Force Officer, and Ms. Pamela, a southern-bred, free-spirited young lady in the soulful city of Memphis, Tennessee, cross. This cold night changes not only the simplicity of Ms. Pamela's living but her life forever. Jassem's uncomplicatedness is now layered with dimensions of a foreign culture and religious strongholds. On borrowed time the two disregard all established boundaries and their inseparable love becomes a sanctuary. Not so fast…This sanctuary is marred by Jassem's Kuwaiti allegiances to custom and to his secrets; the roulette wheel is about to stop on lifechanging or devastation.

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  1. Light

    An Arab Season is a genuine description of four different components.It talks about the different cultures, love, religion and education. The two cultures are the Arab culture and the American culture. The love is the love story between Jassem and Pam. The religion is Muslim and Christianity. The education is the the eye opener about how the two worlds collide. A must read for any book enthusiast. Get your copy today.Thank you Ms. Pamela. Please keep writing. You are an excellent story- teller.

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