Andrew (A to Z) – ePub

Author: K.B. Dixon


ISBN: 9781592996834

Format: ePub

Categories: e-books Fiction Northwest Authors

“How was my day? I’m trying not to remember.” A wry, unconventional character study, Andrew (A to Z) is a sort of mosaic that the reader assembles subconsciously. Focusing on the narrator’s family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, it is the story of a quasi-neurotic malcontent on the edge of the edge of middle middle-age. An amateur photographer, the office satirist, an evening’s dinner guest, Andrew pastes together in alphabetical disorder a collage portrait of his baffled suburban life.

“Arizona. There is a rumor I was born there, but I don’t
believe it. I don’t feel like a person who was born in
Arizona, I feel like a person who was born somewhere
else–somewhere with trees and an ocean and a liberal
political tradition. Somewhere like Washington or Oregon
or Massachusetts.”

— excerpt from Andrew A to Z

K. B. DIXON’S work has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and journals. The recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship Award from the Oregon Arts Commission, he is the author of The Sum of His Syndromes, a novel, and My Desk and I, a collection of short stories.


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