Beach Bum: A Life in Pieces


ISBN: 9781629015682

Format: Paperback

Pages: 268

Trim: 5.5 x 8.5

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Categories: Biography - Autobiography - History Northwest Authors

Butch Freedman’s Beach Bum looks at the many paths and people that go into the making of a life. It is a pessimist’s endorsement of hope and keeping on. In a series of personal essays, both humorous and deadly serious, Freedman traces his attempts to live a meaningful life. He writes about issues ranging from his rejection and later embrace of Judaism to dealing with hepatitis C to a return to surfing at the age of 70. Freedman’s stories try to answer the existential questions that present themselves at every turn: Why this family? Where is home? What is it you truly want and why is it so hard to find peace of mind? And why ever stray from the beach? Perhaps, in the end, he accepts that there are no answers other than taking the journey and remembering the people and the stories along the way.


  1. Richard Kramer

    Beautifully written. Each sentence, each paragraph puts reader into narrator’s shoes. Raised in a family of Jews effected by the holocaust, which is never spoken of but is seen to condition the stilted parenting: the stoic disengagement of the father, the mixed messages from mother. The cross country treks, the marital conflict and disenchantment. But too at a ball game, at a bedside, at a moment of openness, one is brought to tears. It is a walk up the beach. There are storms, there are sunny days; sometimes there is no hope, but there is perseverance and ultimately there is love and becoming and understanding.

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