Blame Who!? The Popularity of Blame and the Mental Health of Obesity (Kindle)

Author: Brad Moir


I think people deep down want to try. I think when they accomplish things people feel good about themselves. I think deep down failure scares people so much that it can scare people from trying. Failure can even create an environment where BLAMING is maybe more comfortable than trying.

I’m fascinated with BLAME and how it can intertwine with any facet of life: relationships, businesses, athleticism, money, and yes, absolutely personal health or diet.

I started to get a sense that the popularity of blaming others was getting stronger and the ability of people to take responsibility for themselves was getting a little weaker. So I thought I’d have some fun. As an adult I’ve tried a number of exciting things. I have purchased property, businesses. I’ve competed in a number of competitions, marathons, triathlons, even a mud run race only 3+ miles with 15+ obstacles and where at the end your body is basically covered in mud. I’ve never done this though. I thought why not try something different.

So I decided to shoot a film that mimics Super Size Me, and eat only McDonald’s for 30 days, get my body tested before and after the 30-day test, and demonstrate what a McDonald’s diet would do for a relatively healthy and athletically active person, and a person who doesn’t really like complaining.


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