Building 8: You Know If You’ve Been There


ISBN: 9781629014074

Format: Paperback

Pages: 250

Trim: 5.5 x 8.5


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Categories: Fiction

“You Know If You’ve Been There.” “Been where?” “Where is ‘There’?” Let me tell you, or should I say, let the people in these stories tell you? THEY, not I, will tell you where “There” is. You see, it is about real life. It is about right and wrong. It is about good and evil. It is about you! We are all these things, but it is up to YOU! Your own “Building 8.” It awaits your entrance!

…Minds can expand but never contract…the leprosy of the mind sets in and we become content to live in a colony of disease and separation…seek only the truth…challenge them with thoughtfulness and shields of logicalness…fear not with the staff of authority…for fertilizer, the vanity of ignorance and the unchaste of the soul may be used…oh Mother Earth!…the togetherness of all!…think, man! think!…I wait and I lurk and I steal your soul in the night, the back alley, the pulpit, the cradle and finally the grave…corruption, worms, rot, disease can be present, but we must strive for the center–the seeds of existence…the meat of sustenance and the marrow of faith…we must be ourselves…to be relatively free within the confines of a just and moral society…we wake up dark and dreary…we go the day dark and dreary…no middle…no beginning…just broken eggshells and glass…no fuss…no muss…bleach and hope…we all should strive for…man was created in the image…


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