Casey’s Hoof Prints


ISBN: 9781592992171

Pages: 72

Trim: 5 x 8

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Categories: Children Northwest Authors

Folded within these pages you will find the adventures of Casey, a high-spirited draft horse, who encounters many challenges on his journey to bridging the gap between the human and animal worlds. He is well loved by his owners, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Lou. However, their grandson Randy is definitely his best human friend.

The book’s setting is during the Great Depression, so times being hard, Casey and his teammate are essential in helping Grandpa Joe farm his land. Upon occasion, however, Casey’s mischievous adventures bring a frown to Grandpa Joe’s face; especially when the horse is caught opening the corral gates and escaping to the outside world.

Since Casey may give the impression of being overly sure of himself, some of his animal antagonists have called him a “show-off” and consider him arrogant. However, most of the animals of the barnyard have seen Casey perform as a “force” in times of trial and consider him their leader.

At nearly every crisis the farm and its members may face, Casey and his best friend, Buck, the shepherd dog, pull on their cloaks of courage, face the challenges and “save the day.”

It is our hope that young readers will not only find these stories entertaining, but will consider the lessons in life that the author attempts to portray.


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