Coachbear 30: The Life and Times of Coach Larry Geigle

Author: Larry Geigle


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ISBN: 9781629015446

Format: Paperback

Pages: 300

Trim: 6 x 9

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Larry Geigle wrote this book so that his daughters and grandchildren could understand more about his life. Raised in Beaverton, Oregon, he had what was in many ways a wonderful and exciting childhood. He was an excellent athlete, with a loving family and great friends. But while serving in the navy during the Vietnam War, he suffered a severe trauma that would impact the rest of his life–carrying the effects with him even as he became the popular educator and coach with the affectionate nickname: “Coachbear 30.”

After that, Larry had to fight his way through life–suffering many defeats, but always finding a way to achieve success. He loved sharing with his students what he learned–helping them grow in the face of their own defeats, and teaching them that it was okay to celebrate their victories. Coachbear 30: The Life and Times of Coach Larry Geigle may help you, too–making you laugh (and maybe cry) along the way.

5 reviews for Coachbear 30: The Life and Times of Coach Larry Geigle

  1. Carol Faber

    I went to high school with Larry Geigle and was very interested when I heard he had written his story. I bought the book through Barnes & Noble. When it arrived, I was headed to an outdoor concert for the weekend and took the book with me. I have to admit, I spent more time reading the book than listening to the music. I appreciate his service during the Vietnam War but was sorry to hear of the lasting effects of his injury. In spite of his PTSD, he continued his education and went on to become a long-time teacher and coach. His conservative approach to teaching and coaching is much appreciated by this reader. I enjoyed the book.

  2. John and Rennia Meek

    Thank you so much for sharing your book with us! We just got home yesterday after driving from Austin, TX in a moving truck brining a cousin to Oregon. We passed the 2400 miles in 4 days reading your book! Inspires us to write Johns story for our grand kids and their kids when they come along.

    We so appreciated your conservative values, sense of humor, commitment to the improvement of the lives of students, your open approach regarding PTSD, and sharing your faith! God bless you and please know how much we enjoyed the book about your life— here’s to faith and friendship John and Rennia Meek

  3. Darrel Davis (Mouse)

    Larry continues to be tough to block, his writing is only exceeded by his defensive playing ability. His book is an enjoyable reading experience.

  4. Frank Williams

    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to read about your life. The book was informative, funny and showed the importance of life lessons. I enjoyed all your years, but most important were the years of Pop Warner football and high school football at Sunset of which I was on both teams. These were important years as we learned teamwork, which you showed throughout the book. You showed team spirit continually in your book. You showed resilience with your PTSD in that you never gave up. Continue to fight the problem. I would highly recommend Larry’s book. Best wishes Frank Williams

  5. Steve Geigle

    What can I say. It was wonderful reading about my brothers triumphs and challenges. Well written and very easy to read.

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