ISBN: 9781629012773

Format: Paperback

Pages: 248

Trim: 5.5 x 8.5

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Categories: Fiction Science Fiction /Fantasy Young Adult

Descending from one of “The Great Four,” Primo Elemento is in no way ordinary. As an element master gifted with the power of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, the Prince of Elements is immortal. He and his witch wife, Mattina, have lived for centuries, but when their realm becomes threatened by the Dark Forces that are rising, they call upon the “Chosen Ones”: four young teens who posses element powers. Hailing from around the world, these teens hold the key to defeating Tenebris . . . that is, if Primo can get them to both get along and train. Will he succeed, or will the teens destroy each other and the world?

The Destino is up to them.

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  1. sheila

    I am not a usual reader of this genre of books, though I have read a couple Harry Potter books. This story was so unique and so intriguing I had to just keep going in the reading and was very curious as to what the ending would be. The ending didn’t disappoint me at all. There were many characters—-all with unique powers and unique names—and each character is so well developed I felt like I really understood their personalities and their actions. I was impressed with how the characters were named—relating back to Latin words for their powers. Though this book takes place in another realm and time, you can relate it to conflicts in the world today. This is the first book by this young author and I look forward to her next one—no matter what genre it is.

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