Digging Up New Business: The SwiftPad Takeover (Kindle)

Author: Lee Barckmann


ISBN: 9781629012728

Format: Kindle

Categories: e-books Fiction Northwest Authors

Today business is about eyeballs on the screen. Narcissism is the shiny object that always attracts, and today it drives the bottom line. You have to be the star in your own show, and now, with the Internet social media sensation SwiftPad, there are new episodes about you each time you connect! A new girl in the Rose City has a plan to capture the whole world’s attention. She hooks up with a local pothead/Lothario to create SwiftPad, a renegade social media app that promises to convert the world’s fascination with itself into billions in cash for the crew and their backers. But when a sadistic killer’s handiwork is uncovered, new clues to an old crime point to Portland’s IT community. He is out there, using his high-tech talent to mock efforts to catch him. More than a Tech-Thriller, Digging Up New Business The SwiftPad Takeover is also a raffish, satiric account of how we are coping with the sweeping changes of recent decades.

Red City Review ★★★★
“Readers will… engage deeply with its dialogue, social insight, and earnest quirkiness.”

Kirkus Review
“Barckmann’s prose is stylish and funny, particularly when he describes the changing face of the Rose City.” 


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