Distraction Destruction


ISBN: 9781592993741

Pages: 112

Trim: 6 x 9

Aerio Link: https://aerbook.com/maker/productcard-3701742-2041.html

Categories: Non-Fiction Self Help / Better Living

Once upon a time, you had a dream, a hope, an idea, a goal. Then, you realize, life comes with distractions. There are constant and impending interruptions that put off those dreams, those hopes, those ideas, those goals. If you do not address the distractions for what they should be ” temporary diversions ” they can become what they should not be ” permanent destructions. While distractions are different for everyone, they are there for everyone; however, there are ways around them and through them. Distraction Destruction by Sharon Cronk-Raby looks at identifying distractions in life, finding ways to work through them, as well as discovering what to do if it’s too late to get beyond certain hurdles. In spite of distractions which may have wreaked havoc on your life, it is possible for you to reach your own happily ever after…

Sharon Cronk-Raby currently resides in a suburb outside of Chicago with her husband and two daughters. She teaches English at a local college, and with her family, she owns and operates Sonic Portrait, an all-ages music showcase (www.sonicportrait.com). She enjoys writing both fiction and non-fiction. Distraction Destruction is her first published work.


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