Healing Power: Physician Heal Thyself


ISBN: 9781629015576

Format: Paperback

Pages: 150

Trim: 5.5 x 8.5

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Dr. Shapiro is a physician with a forty-five-year career in community psychiatry. He also has an interest in Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine and has created a self-help, self-healing model he uses himself and teaches to patients, students, and staff members if they are interested. The model is called Healing Power, which is described in Healing Power: Ten Steps to Pain Management and Spiritual Evolution Revised (2010) and Healing Power, The Workbook (2015).

Healing Power is a compendium of the wisdom of the ages from the sages, translated into cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and meditative practices designed specifically for healthcare professionals and their patients.

In this book, Dr. Shapiro tells the back-story behind the creation of Healing Power–a story about the universal dance between pain and healing. Healing Power is his answer to the blows wrought by brutal reality, developed after years of study and contemplation. It is a grand scheme about the transformation of suffering into love and wisdom.

Healing Power offers a gold mine of spiritual principles, methods, qualities, and pearls of wisdom that will help you and your patients become ever-increasingly skillful pain managers.

You will learn how to: 

  • Turn the tables on your pain and make it work for rather than against you.
  • Use your pain as a teacher and stimulant for the growth of healing qualities such as love, compassion, patience, kindness, humor, forgiveness, courage, strength, and perseverance, qualities that will help you in every domain of your life, both personal and professional.
  • Feel better.
  • Become a better person.
  • Experience higher states of consciousness: the peace that surpasses understanding, pure unconditional love, intuitive wisdom, unfathomable stillness, and ecstatic joy. People call this bliss, nirvana, God, Christ Consciousness, the Atman, or soul. It doesn’t matter what you call it; the experience is gorgeous.


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