Hit and Run


ISBN: 9781629016634

Pages: 280

Trim: 6.14 x 9.21

Aerio Link: https://aerbook.com/maker/productcard-4915431-2041.html

Categories: Action/Adventure/Mystery Fiction Northwest Authors

William and Sandra MacFall are a normal, everyday, middle-class couple. They’ve been married for 35 years and have just retired. They plan to travel and enjoy their leisure, living the American dream.

But Sandra witnesses a terrible crime and things go from bad to worse.

The criminal is a man with international connections. Amidst a darkening cloud of threats and violence, other witnesses decline to testify, one by one. The district attorney is hard-pressed not to drop the charges. But Sandra will not give up. Something from her past drives her forward.

With the help of two police officers and a rogue attorney, the MacFalls alone will seek justice for the victims.

The forces arrayed against them are formidable, deadly, and relentless. Before it is over, the MacFall’s determination will be tested by bribes, threats, assassination attempts, and notorious court battles.

A painful secret held for 40 years will surface.

Can small-town America stand up to international terrorism? The MacFalls think so.

But can they?


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