Josh Climbs the Tree of Life

Author: Lee Vranna


In this unmitigatedly silly retelling of the Hero’s Journey, a teenage slacker named Josh agrees to guard the Secrets of the gods in exchange for a weekly bag of good weed. As Josh cavalierly attends to his task, he unwittingly sets off a firestorm among the pantheon, leaving the Old Order threatened and the Universe in a tenuous balance. To tell you more on the back cover would be to reveal too many Secrets.



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  1. Jim Vranna

    Josh Climbs the Tree of Life is the story of a young stoner who is bequeathed the secrets from the Tree of Life by Thoth, slightly incompetent librarian of the gods. This action sets off a chain of events that finds the gods feuding, the existence of mankind in balance, and Josh learning a thing or two about growing up.
    This is a deftly told narrative that somehow manages to be irreverent as well as reverent. Vranna uses his knowledge of mythology and the world’s religions to weave a tale featuring a list of characters that has not likely before shared space on the same pages of a novel. He is able to inhabit the mind of his young teenage protagonist, and uses his understanding of human nature to flesh out the book’s other characters, including the gods, giving them decidedly human-like frailties.
    Fans of Christopher Moore will likely appreciate Josh, with its goofy premise and fantastical situations that bring a few belly laughs, yet somehow manage to bring real pathos.

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