Knowing there is More


ISBN: 9781629014760

Format: Hardback

Pages: 208

Trim: 5.5 x 7

Categories: Biography - Autobiography - History Non-Fiction Short Stories

I believe we have extraordinary stories inside of us. Stories that perhaps we have never told to anyone because they are difficult for us to accept as true. Often they tell of an intervention where someone or something appears in our lives unexpectedly and challenges our commonly held beliefs. No longer are we 100% confident we operate solely with our five senses to maneuver through life. There is something more trying to wake us up.

Consider the possibility there is a divine knowing available to us, and all that is required on our part is being open to its presence.

These 22 stories, though unique in their settings, speak to this presence of knowing there is more. A knowing that brought one woman to trust again … a knowing that guided a woman to protect her children from those who appeared loving and safe … a knowing to take a class that later saved a life.

It is my belief that the more attention we give to this knowing energy around us, the more we will feel the abundance of life and be less likely to think, “Is this all there is?”

So let’s tell our stories to all who will listen–our storytelling will inspire others to bring forth experiences deep within them. Sharing our stories can warm our hearts, bring excitement to the moment, and enlarge the connectedness we all have to one another.

***All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to La Familia Medical Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico


  1. Vahl Jackson

    I read carols book of interesting and unexplainable spiritual and physical experiences. Not only did I love her tale of saving a drowning person but two people having a concurrent dream is simply not explainable. I also loved the sting ray story of being surrounded and staying calm. Animals have a sense we can’t relate to always. ( the hawk flying into the taxi during the hurricane and not wanting to leave) for example. Highly recommended reading as each story is great

  2. Portland Book Review

    A wonderful collection of short stories collected by Carol Hibbert, Knowing there is More brings stories from friends, family, and co-workers of the author to share positive and uplifting moments to the reader. Some stories have supernatural moments or focus on the spiritual while others focus on cherished memories of a pet cat or knowing which path their futures take them. All of them incorporate ideas of connecting with other beings.

    As is usual with anthologies and collections of short stories it is likely that there will be a few chapters or voices that don’t work for a particular reader, however, finding stories to like out of the twenty-two contained in the book should be fairly easy. At a little over two hundred pages, this is a fast read and will be over before you know it. Knowing there is More is a great read for those who may need an emotional boost with some light and easy to read stories.

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