Author: Thomas Smythe


ISBN: 9781629014425

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160

Trim: 6 x 9


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Categories: Fiction Sports Young Adult


Can the boys of Crater High win four straight Iowa high school state titles? It began one year ago when, in a cloud of dust at home plate, pinch runner Dave Durbin scored the winning run in a close call to take home the first place trophy.

After losing on a controversial call in the football state semi-final earlier that year and suffering the heartbreaking loss in the basketball state finals right after, the Comets broke the spell by delivering the clutch to win the Iowa baseball state championship. Now they are going for two baseball titles in a row with a veteran lineup.

The power bats have graduated, as well as the ace of the pitching staff; however, letter winners man every position. The team will most likely be a small ball winner. Good defense, timely hitting, and once again, strong pitching will win a lot of games.

Confidence is high after winning both football and basketball state titles. The core of the team has played a large part in both of those wins. Three in a row would be an Iowa state record and it is definitely within reach.

The town of Crater, located in the southwest corner of Iowa, is bathed in the glory of their high school sport success, and rightfully so. Eric Lewis and his friends are on a high and people feel it isn’t about to end any time soon.


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