Laughter and Tears: From the Diaries Written by Their Loving Spouses


Matt Allen – Author
Peers have labeled Allen, a resident of Beaverton, OR, an unorthodox, visionary, creative, maverick engineer. The GI Bill and working as a logger allowed him to earn a BS in engineering from OSU. His positions in heavy industry and defense were devoted to applied research in manufacturing. With the desire of becoming an MD, he investigated health issues…HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease. Having two family members succumb to Alzheimer’s, he spent two decades investigating and researching the disease as a caregiver and messenger. The emphasis of this book is toward lifestyle and supplements…exercise, nutrition, and natural medicine…the prevention of Alzheimer’s.


Sally Siler – Co-Author
Sally now lives on the beach in Westport, WA, with her new husband, two dogs, and two cats. After teaching sixth-graders in Eureka, CA, for 31 years, she is enjoying the days of beachcombing, reading, and rooting for the University of Oregon Ducks. The U of O is where Yogi and Sally first met, so it holds a special place in her heart.


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