Long Shot

Author: R.J. Loffredo


ISBN: 9781629015644

Format: Paperback

Pages: 268

Trim: 6 x 9

Aerio Link: https://aerbook.com/maker/productcard-4087607-2041.html

Categories: Action/Adventure/Mystery Fiction

Raf Valone has been burning the candle in the middle all his adult life, a delicate act requiring cunning and finesse. By day, he’s a young, successful entrepreneur. By night, he has been the operator of a clandestine, very high-stakes casino with an exclusive group of high rollers playing against the house. Raf is the house. No time then for Raf to live up to his recent selection in the regional monthly as one of the area’s top-10 eligible bachelors. That is, until the federal authorities discover his elaborate audio/video security system. Raf has unwittingly captured a series of criminal conspiracy plans by one of his big-time players, Harry Payefsky, aka Harry Paycheck, aka Harry Payback, and by many others. After a series of mysterious prime witness disappearances, Raf, although not quite an innocent bystander, has gone from being a tertiary witness to the primary one in the now slim case against Harry. Without Raf there is no case. It’s a life threatening situation.

During his FBI debriefing Raf meets the future love of his life. He finally has the time. She is his equal in every way. Hannah Cross, an All-American girl with startlingly blue eyes, is a computer expert, a champion archer, a competition sharp shooter beyond compare–and a world class hacker. She is Raf’s four-star general against a vengeful Harry and his henchmen.

Then there is Tu Thu Tran, a visionary, enigmatic and omniscient, the money man who introduced Harry to the game. He’s a puzzle maker who glides through the web of events making his importance known. Is he Raf’s elusive foe, his ally, or merely another co-conspirator?


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