Mike Reiss Collection – City of Hamburgers and King Snozzle of Snozz

Author: Mike Reiss


ISBN: Mike Reiss - 1

Format: Full Color Hardcover

Trim: 11 x 8.25

Categories: Book Sets Children Fiction

The perfect gift idea…and a great price for two great books! Order now and enjoy these two books for a total of only $15.00!

Enjoy City of Hamburgers where Jeffrey is tired of the same old fairy tales and wants to hear about Grandma’s life growing up in the old country as a Hamburger. Imagination, as well as ketchup and mustard, flow through this delightfully quirky book.

Also included is King Snozzle of Snozz, where in the Kingdom of Snozz, the kings aren’t remembered for their good deeds, but for their sizable snozzes. From King Snozzle the First all the way to the Eighth, each royal nose has possessed an amazing talent, be it for crime sniffing or providing a comfortable place for a bird to perch. When King Snozzle the Eighth must marry, his countrymen urge him to pick a snooty, big-nosed duchess. Will the king instead choose the sweet and clever commoner as his bride?

Known for his offbeat style and sense of humor, Mike Reiss, a writer and producer for The Simpsons for over 20 years, doesn’t disappoint with his quirky new picture books, City of Hamburgers and King Snozzle of Snozz. Reiss’s creative rhymes and Xeth Feinberg’s colorful illustrations will enchant children of all ages.


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