Paper Bag Romance

Author: Amanda Flynn

Illustrator: Cecelia Martin


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ISBN: 9781629016184

Pages: 44

Trim: 8.5 x 8.5

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Categories: Fiction Northwest Authors Poetry Short Stories

With its engaging use of mixed mediums and a unique rhythmical flow and pattern, Paper Bag Romance lets readers follow bewitching and quixotic millennial Jennie Summers into the seemingly dystopian world of the 1990s. Navigating a space where a new, starry-eyed visionary is born, Jennie questions the era she is born into as well as the eras in which she blossoms for their inherent imperfection regarding narcissism, materialism, and sexism. Unafraid to question authority and try to tackle some of the more perplexing concepts of the Gen Y generation, Jennie takes the reader along with her as she unravels her self identity, sexuality, and ultimately comes to understand what it is to be feminine without becoming a material object that is owned and consumed.

2 reviews for Paper Bag Romance

  1. Michilene

    This is an incredible book of poems. To open your eyes in enjoying poem art. It’s awesome

  2. Cory

    An innovative narrative of poems and art. Amanda Flynn’s unique poetry combined with Cecelia Martin’s introspective artwork are a match made in literary heaven. This book left me craving more.

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