Portland Zionists Unite! and Other Stories (Kindle)

Author: Eric Flamm


ISBN: 9781629015996

Format: Kindle

Website: https://inkwaterbooks.com/zionists-unite/

Categories: e-books Fiction Northwest Authors Short Stories

These raw, interlocking short stories–set in Israel, Portland, and Thailand–explore the complex reality of modern Israel, its recent history, and what it represents to its citizens and foreign-born Jews. With a range of different narrators–three Israel Defense Force soldiers, a hawkish retiree, a synagogue executive director, and a young video game fan–each story viscerally speaks to the contrasts between Israel’s founding mythology and current political realities. Each narrator’s perspective is different, but collectively the voices engage with a growing concern in US Jewish communal life: how to countenance an Israel that increasingly doesn’t reflect the values of American Jews.


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