Solo Flight: Flying Lessons Before Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Author: Marie Hofer


This book was sparked by the unusual inner prompting to get with it and author a book entitled Solo Flight. After initial bewilderment and resistance (and the dual meaning of the word “flight” duly noticed), I settled down to write my memoirs. Using recorded reflections, dreams, and my spontaneous drawings to guide me along, my first draft quickly materialized. However, to my surprise, the ending of my narration but seemed to be the prelude to the rest of the story. No further story being in my range of consciousness, I scrambled and objected; finally, though, I surrendered to opening the pages to my soul. Thus, my tale comes in two parts.

Part I: My History chronicles in nine chapters how I, born and raised in the South Tyrolean, Italian Alps during the pre- and post-World War II era, grow up strongly influenced by traditional societal and Catholic values. After I had spent my young adulthood as a dedicated but spiritually troubled nun in a missionary order, a full-blown midlife crisis while on assignment in Asia challenges me to rethink my life’s course. Subsequently, I leave the order, go to the USA for studies, eventually making America my home. Assisted by various therapies and the study of psychology, I proceed to reinvent myself outwardly and inwardly, gradually resolving many of my psychological and spiritual conflicts.

Part II: My Quest details in seven chapters my rough and tumble journey to the center. Leaving my history script behind, I begin to conduct my most thorough examination of conscience ever. Mainly relying on my feelings and intuitions, my dreams and drawings for direction, I discover that doubts and fears soon show up as major roadblocks in my search for the truth. Straining to reach my elusive within and the far-away heavens above, I turn to letter writing, imaginary dialogues, and interviews. My readiness to stay the course, though, gets seriously challenged, when I come face to face with the shocking realization that there is a deep divide between the self I am consciously identified with and my true, undeveloped core self. A crucial death-rebirth struggle ensues as I start to come to terms with this humbling reality.


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