Speedbumps: Living Life With Epilepsy (Kindle)

Author: Jonathan B. Dodson with Ellen Weiss Dodson

Illustrator: Terry Dodson


To Jonathan Dodson, epilepsy has been a constant companion as far back as he can remember. As his awareness of his disease grows, so too do the frustrations of taking daily medications, tolerating annoying medical tests, and enduring his well-meaning, yet always hovering parents. Although Jonathan tries to keep his condition secret and pass himself off as “normal” among his friends, he soon discovers that epilepsy has a will of its own, placing numerous obstacles in his way. These “speedbumps” on his journey through life present unique challenges that lead first to isolation and eventually to self-acceptance. Only then does Jonathan realize that mastery of his long-term health and well-being are within his grasp.

Jonathan B. Dodson with Ellen Weiss Dodson and illustrations by Terry Dodson


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