Tales Along Kings River and Guessey Creek and Beyond

Author: Burr Fancher


Part 1 of this book depicts memories of the colorful characters who lived in the rural community of Loy, Arkansas, in the 1930’s. During corn grinding days at the Loy store, a young boy thrived on the tales of hunting, fishing, fighting, sex, violence, and agricultural feats as told by the local storytellers. That little boy, now 81 years old, attempts to recapture some of the flavor of the 1930’s and pay tribute to those “spitters and whittlers” who fired his youthful imagination. That early exposure to master storytellers led to a lifetime enjoyment of Ozark tales.

Part 2 of this book deals with situations the author has heard about or was directly involved in after leaving his home sanctuary of Kings River and Guessey Creek. The stories arise from military service, tourist excursions, and work-related experiences in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.


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