The Blackwell Collection

Author: Ellis V.S. Aurien

Illustrator: James Titus Allee


ISBN: 9781629016665

Pages: 172

Trim: 5.5 x 8.5

Aerio Link:

Categories: Fiction Short Stories

There are things that come from beyond the veil and from beneath the abyss, things beyond the depraved dreams of mankind that have existed alongside all we know since before the dawn of time itself.

No place is sacred, nor is it safe from their eldritch reach and macabre intentions. The cogs of our world have long turned against their influence, subduing them beyond common perception in a delicate state that cannot last forever.

These tales, accounts of things beyond my ability or desire to comprehend, have only shown me that we live in a merciful sedation oblivious to the beings that lurk beyond the mortal coil.

Held within this collection is a glimpse into the primordial chaos in which our collective fears still echo. Be warned, however, as once the horrors within have been paired with an enlightened mind, there is no turning back.


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