The Rockaway Dragon

Author: Stacey L. Rech

Illustrator: Kerstin Fischer


ISBN: 9781629016405

Pages: 20

Trim: 8 x 8

Aerio Link:

Categories: Children Fiction Northwest Authors

Have you ever felt unsure of where you belong?

As you drive to St. Mary’s, a church by the sea, in an oceanside town called Rockaway, you will find me. I have been here so long, Twin Rocks some call me, but now I shall tell you of how I came to be and of years long ago when I swam the seas.

From Stacey L Rech, the creator of Miss Della Webb and the Strange Seed, comes a magical character, Soren, last of the Dragons in the Seven Seas. You will be swept up and away as he journeys to discover his life’s purpose and where he knows he belongs.

“A bright and imaginative tale about one of Oregon’s most captivating natural structures. I love Soren’s story and can’t wait to share it.” – Julia Pound, Production Supervisor

“Soren, the dragon, stole my heart. This book will release the imagination in your child. How beautiful to surrender yourself to care for others. A deeply touching and innovative story.” – Doreen Rech, Owner/Operator of The Alley Cut

“A magical story about the Oregon Coast, filled with clever rhymes and beautiful illustrations.” – Scott Laird, Publisher of the Vernonia Voice

“I had the privilege of reading this story the day it came into form. I absolutely love what it has transformed into. The words bring the artwork to life, with crashing waves and jeweled legs. I admire Stacey for her courage to share her wonderful imagination. Thank you for sharing it with me.” – Laura Hein, Shipping and Inventory Specialist


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