The Siblings and Other Stories (Kindle)

Author: Gyuszi Sütő


Inspired by his Transylvanian heritage, Gyuszi Süt?’s stories mix old-world charm, a love of family, and a fascination with technology and science. His young, wide-eyed protagonists are deeply curious–their sense of childish wonder beautifully evoked by the full-color drawings of Liza Danila.

In “The Story of an Apple,” a boy’s father explains the science of apple trees–and teaches him how to value the things he once took for granted. In “The Siblings,” a brother and sister go on a day-long treasure hunt, an adventure with a heart-warming surprise ending.

Within these fast-paced, dialogue-driven stories, there are several life and relationship lessons, spanning two generations. Süt?’s book promises to inspire as well as entertain.


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