The Sighing of Rose-Breasted Cockatoos: The Search for the Sunlit Clearing

Author: Robert Ensign


ISBN: 9781592996155

Format: Paperback

Pages: 480

Trim: 6.14 x 9.21

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Categories: Biography - Autobiography - History Non-Fiction Northwest Authors

The story of an adoptee’s journey in search of the Sunlit Clearing, the place of ultimate belonging, a place just over the next rise.  It is also the story of the writing of that journey and writing’s light-seeking power.  Along the way, there are still points, a Cosmic Child, trapdoors, a Prophet of Doom, Stuart Little drivefests, free falls, quiet doppelgangers, the Void, hobbit cliffs, spirits that inhabit the bend of rivers, Rose-breasted Cockatoos, and the bewitching power of sunlight in treetops.  There are relationships and the usual life passages, but their meaning lives in the redemptive magic of the Sunlit  Clearing.  And, throughout, there is the steadfast companionship and sanctuary of the natural world. 




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