They Are Not Human


Sixteen-year-old Ariana Campbell is just an ordinary child: a straight-A student, and the perfect daughter to her parents, she even dreams of having her own family. Being the daughter of a detective seems great, but can quickly and drastically change her reputation.

One day, when Ariana receives a strange phone call giving her coordinates, she isn’t exactly sure who to tell. She decides to dig deeper in order to decode her secret message but quickly becomes victim to stalking.

Menacing alien beings with the ability to appear human try to prevent Ariana from unlocking the secrets. The deeper she digs into her search, the more aggravated they become. Soon enough, Ariana finds herself in the middle of an alien invasion, destroying everything and everyone she has ever loved.

The journey to save the remaining humans on Earth lies in Ariana’s hands. But will she be able to do it alone?


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