ISBN: 9781629016085

Format: Paperback

Pages: 378

Trim: 6 x 9

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Categories: Fiction Northwest Authors Science Fiction /Fantasy

In a new world filled with magic, super-human Warrior Anton Seven struggles to prove himself to his new friends–a Wizard, a village of small people called Primords, a Djinni, and a small Faerie–in an effort to justify his existence. After meeting another Warrior of his own origin, he is whisked off to another dimension only to encounter even more strange creatures. Confused and enamored with his new friend’s trust, Anton begins to take charge as his own magical abilities begin to emerge. Yet he remains unsure of himself as he moves ever closer to confronting both his past and the ominous Necromancer.

Never has any Warrior had to defy odds that would conceivably destroy even the best genetically engineered super-human. Never before has any Warrior met demi-gods and immortals and survived. The exciting next installment of Anton Seven awaits you in Book Two, Transformations!

Book 2 of Tales of a Methonian Warrior: The Chronicles of Anton Seven


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