Two Butts on a Bike: 4 Months, 18 Countries, 12,074 Miles (Kindle)


ISBN: 9781592998616

Format: Kindle

Categories: Biography - Autobiography - History e-books Non-Fiction Northwest Authors

They rode two-up on a BMW R1100GS. London to Wales and a lap around Ireland. Like slipping into a painting, they crossed Europe: German castles and concentration camps, spas and beaches, the Alps, Dolomites, and Pyrenees. After 12,074 miles and 119 days, Rick and Christie agreed on one thing, “We were never the same.” And you’ll see why on these pages.

Part travelogue, part how-to, this book is an inspiration that leaves the reader with an urgent need to pack up and go, with or without a motorcycle and camping gear.

Rick and Christie write with a grounded sense of place and highly personal voices, poking fun at themselves while they explore the back roads of Europe.

“A heroes’ journey that most of us can’t even imagine. The real miracle is that they stayed married.”

-Joanna Rose, writing coach and author

Travel is intensified living but four months of this much togetherness? Most marrieds would say, “No way.” But Rick and Christie did it. Travel with them on these pages.


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