Unveiled: A Guide to “Right” Education Development and Improvement


ISBN: 9781629015354

Format: Paperback

Pages: 186

Trim: 7 x 10

Aerio Link: https://aerbook.com/maker/productcard-3701723-2041.html

Categories: Non-Fiction Northwest Authors

Unveiled invites educators to redefine their view of the school philosophy and structure, and calls us to push the frontiers of our thinking about educational instruction. A book for both experienced and novice educators, Unveiled includes:

  • a precise understanding of how to maximize student learning
  • a new look at how to create an action-oriented vision and mission
  • an introduction to the creation of a harmonious learning environment
  • an invitation to empower students to be responsible for their learning
  • an understanding of how to connect research with practice

The authors effectively describe an educational program focused on the vision of excellence in academic learning, in the context of human interactions and harmonious relationships with the environment. In this setting, students felt excited and engaged. Teachers were validated and empowered to meet the needs of the students, and parents were committed to support the efforts of the children.


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