Vietnam: The Personal Experience


ISBN: 9781592990627

Pages: 164

Trim: 5.5 x 8.5

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Categories: Biography - Autobiography - History Non-Fiction

Daniel C. Tanner was born into a lower middle class family. He did not have the benefits of money to go to college and there was no such thing as student aid. Daniel served in the United States Marine Corp from 1968 until 1971. He served with Echo Company Second Battalion Third Marines with the Third Marine Division. He was in Vietnam in 1969 stationed at Quang Tri Province and Dong Ha. He witnessed the horror of war first hand. He watched many of his friends die in the service of their country. When he came home he couldn’t believe how he was treated. He was treated so badly that he ended up living in a box on the street. He most likely would have died in that box had it not been for someone giving him a helping hand to get out of the street. He had many problems but was helped by someone he calls the “angel that saved him”. He did survive and ended up, after many years, following his dream of someday becoming a school teacher. He now lives in Central Pennsylvania with his wife of 28 years and their children and grandchildren.


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