We Made Mommy Mashed Potatoes: Two Sides to Every Story (ePub)


ISBN: 9781592996438

Format: ePub

Categories: Children e-books Fiction Northwest Authors

Tator & Tot have no idea why their Mommy was so much different than the one who woke them up in the morning as they share with Daddy the story of their day together. Daddy then sets the record straight by telling the girls how he heard things happened and how their behavior had a very large part in turning Mommy into mashed potatoes. All is not lost, however; in the end the girls help restore Mommy to her morning form with a hug, a kiss and a promise.


Michael Weber lives just south of Portland, Oregon, with his wife Robbie and twin girls Kayla & Jessica, otherwise known as the inspirations for the We Made Mommy Mashed Potatoes book you hold in your hand. He started to come up with the idea of a children’s book that would entertain both the kids and parents after listening to his wife read book after book geared only towards the children, with most dealing in fantasy. Fairy tales are important, but it’s the real life experiences that entertain us.


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