Weathergirl: The not-exactly-a-sequel to Zendoscopy

Author: J. Allan Wolf


ISBN: 9781629016108

Format: Paperback

Pages: 236

Trim: 5.5 x 8.5

Aerio Link:

Categories: Action/Adventure/Mystery Fiction Romance

Effie Mae, the notorious ten-cent airmail girl from Zendoscopy, is now grown, married and divorced, and forced to deal with her dysfunctional, depressed, and crazed ex-husband who has abandoned his career as an accountant to become a third-rate nightclub magician. Saltzman, the grown up frat boy who once led groups of college buddies to a south of the border bordello, now lives with Consuela, the bordello’s former madam, while Sherman’s childhood friend, Larry, has become a cop searching for love. These characters, along with a colorful cast of others, find themselves in a hilarious romp as they together attempt to find Effie Mae’s alimony-shirking ex, whose ever-increasing desperation leads him to become one of the world’s most bumbling would-be wife killers.


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