West Camp Crook (Kindle)

Author: F.W. Waelti


ISBN: 9781592996353

Format: Kindle

Categories: e-books Fiction

Then took them to the auction, though the brands were not inspected,

They had no bill of sale or right, but clearly they expected,

The government to back them up, the sheriff to comply,

The courts of law to rubber stamp their fabricated lie.


But at that final moment, face to face with fact

The boys who ran the auction gave those cattle back.

And with that noble, rightful deed, that act of bravery,

For one brief shining moment all of us were free.


“The Last Roundup”

Jo Lynne Kirkwood

F.W. Waelti is a very private but brutally honest writer; He strictly writes to share these informative, controversial and highly entertaining stories with you, the reader. He is a fourth generation war – time veteran of the United States Army and lives with his family on the Waelti Angus Ranch in Southwest Montana.


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