White Chocolate (Kindle)


ISBN: 9781592995356

Format: Kindle

Categories: e-books Fiction

PONTIA DELEON is a college coed at Langston Hughes College in the state of Louisiana. She is quite excited about moving up to the rank of lead majorette in her Junior Year. Her college love, Dominique Charles, is a star quarterback and sprinter at Langston Hughes College, NFL bound, and is very desirous of making Pontia Mrs. Dominique Charles. Xavier DeLeon is her elder brother and is attending medical school at Columbia University in New York City. He is very bright and talented like his sister. As loyal siblings they frequently exchange their views of how they plan to conduct their lives, careers and loves.

Pontia believes she has her goals in place. After she earns her bachelor's degree she intends to enter graduate school majoring in Journalism and Broadcasting. She loves Dominique very much but is not yet ready to hear her wedding bells ringing.

Uncertain of how to handle the romantic developments of her relationship Pontia suddenly discovers that she has a secret admirer. She is puzzled by the mysterious multitude of red roses that appear at her doorstep. In time this secret turns public and even though the laws of attraction appear quite normal, family and friends have one particular concern: she and he do not share the same skin tone.

Now Pontia must choose who will be the love of her life; by happenstance she finds herself in a delicious, White Chocolate situation.

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  1. Leman Smith

    This work by Henrietta Elmore Smith is refreshing. It has the right ingredients for a "Good Read".
    It reflects on so many levels of human nature and race relations. Giving the reader in sufficient quantity spontaneity,suspence and nuances of romanrtic interludes. Whatever your views on interationships I think one would welcome the surprises in store for all involved. In my opinion the protagonist is too young for the developments beset upon her. She is trying so hard to be level headed and because it is descrptive narrative gives it opportunity to become a play or better yet a movie. I strongly recommend this work to any and everyone.

    Thank you Inkwater Press.

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