Windigo: A Novel of Downeast Maine (Kindle)

Author: Bill Hinckley


ISBN: 9781629014043

Categories: Action/Adventure/Mystery e-books Fiction

Lea Williams and her family expect another quiet summer at Nokomis, their camp in northern Maine, but Cree relatives get her involved in a search for land left to the tribe over two centuries ago. Was it a French farmer, who willed his property to her Indian ancestors? Mary, the old Cree in the local village, insists that Lea become involved.

Did the farmer leave a document behind? What has become of it? And what about Lea’s very old stuffed bear, made of deerskin. Her grandmother told her it was very valuable. Others have tried to steal it, only to be thwarted in their efforts by the spirit force, Windigo. It saved the life of Lea’s mother long ago, as she fled from her rapist who  wanted to kill her.

No story of this part of downeast Maine would be complete without tales of fishing, and smidgens of local life, all blended into this most intriguing story from the Pine Tree State.


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