Wolf Spirit: The Story of Moon Beam (Kindle)

Author: Beverly Lein


ISBN: 9781592995196

Format: Kindle

Categories: e-books Historical Fiction

It was winter in the late 1840s…
Ten-year-old Rachel walked over to the bed and whispered, "Mommy are you awake. I'm cold. The fire's almost out." There was no response from the figure lying on the bed…


Storm had been dozing on his horse as he'd been riding a long time and the heat had made him feel sleepy. Suddenly, the grizzly stood up right in front of him. The horse tried to rear up but it was too late. The bear reached out with his great claws, swiped the horse across the neck, and ripped its throat open. Storm flew through the air and landed face down on the ground. Gasping for air, he turned on his side and reached for his knife while trying to regain his feet. Just as the knife cleared the sheath the grizzly was upon him.


This fictional adventure story about a 10-year-old white girl's struggle for survival, her coming of age, and her tumultuous relationship with an Indian chief takes place in northern Canada. From the very first paragraph the book compels the reader to turn the page. Fraught with danger, disease, natural disaster, and trauma, it is the story of two young people from vastly different cultures who meet under highly unusual circumstances.

Rachel (Moon Beam), alone in the world except for her loyal black horse and the devoted wolf pack she has raised, faces a series of life-threatening perils as she grows up. Throughout the story a deranged rogue grizzly terrorizes the young girl and all those it encounters.

As you already know from her first book, The Three Saints of Christmas, Beverly Lein is an elk farmer from Manning, Alberta, who knows the Peace River country and has a thorough understanding of animal behavior. This book is a must for anyone who likes fast-paced drama, wildlife, and romance. It is historically realistic and paints a vivid portrait of life in the mid-1800s. It will definitely appeal to a general audience as well as young adults.


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