You Are Not Alone: Stories by Young Teens Who Have Experienced the Death of a Sibling (Kindle)


“Warning: This book will probably make you cry. The talented young writers published here describe the searing pain of loss so absolutely that you may–as I did–break down at the heartbreak of living on when a sibling has died. This book will also make you smile as you read about the ways people honor their lost loved ones, and the warm memories they carry with them.”

John Green, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars

“Wow, each and every one of these authors is so brave. What a privilege to get an inside look at their raw and honest stories. Even though I’ve been on my grief journey for about 20 years, I found healing reminders in their honesty. The humanity of this grief journey we all walk seems especially powerful through the reflections of a child.”

Noel Sudano, Columbine High School counselor and Columbine High School shooting survivor

You Are Not Alone makes a critical contribution to the body of literature for grieving youth. Their perspectives are genuine, poignant, and touching. The authors are true educators who have much to offer to other grieving young people and all connected with the field of thanatology.”

Heather L. Servaty-Seib, PhD, HSPP, psychologist and professor at Purdue University

“At a time when children feel most alone and misunderstood, they can pick up this book and hear from their peers (not another doctor, and not another adult). This perspective is rare.”

Jill McMahon, grief therapist and international speaker


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